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Tarpaulin & Plastic Sheeting
Techno Tarp & Polymers has a fully equipped manufacturing facility located in the Sarigam near Bhilad. The factory occupies 76000 Sq. Ft. constructed area with more than 40000 Sq. Ft. of Lush Green Campus. These facilities are augmented with adequate power and water sources. Company is equipped with following Manufacturing Infrastructure.


The Raw Material Storage facility comprises of 2000 sq. yards highly ventilated area sufficient for storage of raw material like HDPE, LDPE, PP, Colour Master Batches & other auxiliaries etc.

TTPPL believe in adequate inventory control for uninterrupted production and timely delivery of its products to the customers.

A total raffia tape extrusion Production capacity of 3000 MT, equipped with the state of the art Extrusion Lines. The extrusion lines are enhanced with all the sophisticated equipment like Melt Pump, Static Mixers, and Automatic dosing Mixing Units for Uniform Gauging of Film

There are Twenty Six circular looms (06 Shuttle) which are capable of weaving fabric from Lay flat – 152 to 268cm or Circular – 76 to 134 cm and fabric construction with mesh 7x7 to 14x16 per inch with annual Production capacity of 3000MT.

The weaving capacity of Lifting belt for FIBCs (Jumbo Bag) comprises of two webbing machines - 10mm to 85mm.

The Double Extruder TANDEM Lamination Plant with annual Production capacity of 3600 MT, with 83'' laminating width is able to laminate both side of fabric in single operation to ensure high bonding quality for critical product range like 15micron lamination. The Coating Plant is well equipped with automatic mixing and dosing units, automatic tension controller system, & edge trimming device for sharp edge trim cutting.

The three Header Automatic Sealing & Cutting Unit is capable to Side Hemming (hot Sealing) with Rope Insertion, Centre Sealing of Two Panels & Accurate Cutting at desired Lengths. This unit has annual production capacity of 10 million pieces for 4mtr wide x 5mtr Length type of products. This is also supported by the single header side sealing and rope insertion units.

The factory has fully equipped Quality Assurance & Testing Laboratory. The Laboratory has equipment like Universal Testing Machine, Denier Testing Machine, Digital Tensile Strength Machine, Digital Elongation Testing Machine, Tear Strength Tester, UV Accelerating Chamber (weather-meter), Carbon Black Content Tester, Water Repellency Tester, Water Permeability Tester and Hydrostatic Bursting Strength Tester etc. etc. This helps to monitor & check process parameters, process performance to ensure quality of finished products. Quality Assurance Laboratory issues Test Certificate for each consignment dispatched from the factory.

These automatic high speed Eyelet punching machines are used for automatic eyeleting tarpaulins with very high precision and accuracy.

The State of Art Packing Facility for making Bales with or without pallets, with two Baling machines of 2 to 10 ton capacity. Approved fumigation facility is also available. This is also supported by Corrugated Box Packing facility for Supermarkets Display.
The factory is connected with 600 KVA Power from National Power Grid.
This "STAND BY" power source ensures continuous operation of the Important Machines and uninterrupted supplies.
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